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Is Ellen Johnson supporting Brumskine and Weah instead of her own Unity Party?


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Intro: In a widely circulated op-ed this week, by Varney Anasters Teah it was said the president is supporting her opponents, the Executive Mansion, denied the reports.--- The earlier negotiations started with a proposal to Vice President Boakai for a Boakai-Brumskine ticket by Madam Sirleaf, which the VP rejected. After that rejection, Madam Sirleaf decided to boost the morale of the Liberty Party by funneling money through the taskforce headed by Cllr. Koffa Three payments of US$250,000.00 each were made through the NSA over the last three months with the intent of the taskforce operational budget. READ MORE


Legislative Mercenary Impeachment Proceedings

Liberia News.


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The action by the five wayward legislators to even consider a petition for impeachment, or any attempt by the House of Representatives to countenance such petition, is a flagrant violation of Article 73 of the Liberian Constitution, READ MORE 

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